Why Us?

What’s to love about this blog: 

    •  We overshare. We believe the most value we can provide through blogging is by giving away exactly how and why we do things. The people we have come to trust and respect over the years are the ones who have done this as much as possible.


    •  We allow you to replicate everything we do by providing the exact scripts and templates we use.


    •  We are in the trenches and always will be. Our enjoyment comes from experiencing the journey.


    •  We believe in refining ourselves as people as much as we believe in refining our tactics to do things.


  •  We despise spam. Probably more than you do…



Want to work with us?

We work with businesses who want to build a passionate following and dare to push the envelope when it comes to being different. Interested? Get in touch through our company 5 Tales.
I have always been a dreamer (think John Lennon), until one day I met a doer (Bruce Lee) and now I live my dream daily. The challenge is now in trying to experience living the dream to the fullest.

I live in Australia, and along with my brother Jason we transform our ideas into reality. I tried the University path but once our first idea found its footing I didn’t think twice about leaving. Now its about treading our own path and sharing our experiences with the online world.

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