• Patrick

    Awesome infographic! I enjoy these as they condense down information into the essentials. The breakdown at the bottom helps to understand the info above. Are you planning to do this for other platforms?

    • Toby Schulz

      Thanks Patrick. Yes we are looking to do this for other platforms over time.

  • Noa

    Great use of an infographic. You chose a relevant topic which makes it far more effective. How do you find Piktochart? In the past I have used infogr.am

    • Toby Schulz

      Cheers Noa! I really like Piktochart so far and to be honest I only briefly looked at the other options available (reviews) before going ahead with Piktochart.

  • Jamie

    The quick facts are more important then most would realise. Social timing on all the platforms does matter. Enjoyed the different type of post Toby.

    • Toby Schulz

      Thanks Jamie – glad you liked the infographic, we are hoping to use them every now again.

  • norah

    Woo nice infographic ! i wanna learn how to make !