The Grass Is Not Always Greener


Heed the words of Public Enemy.

It seems everything you read online these days around marketing, in particular small business marketing, is focused solely on social media. Blogs across the web are emphasising why its a must to have a Twitter, Facebook and as of late Instagram account.

Hype clouds your decisions.

You need to be honest with yourself about where you are allocating your marketing efforts.

Why Facebook?

Why Twitter?

What are the results of your efforts (use metrics)?

In our previous venture, MyNappies, we tested every platform available to us, in order to understand which ones worked for us depending on the goal i.e. does Twitter drives sales for us? For the promotion of a competition where parents could win a artistic drawing of their child’s name, we wanted to test which channel would deliver the highest CTR – Facebook or email.

The results:
Facebook post: 1582 people saw the post → 62 clicks → 3.9% CTR
Email: 1079 people opened the email → 243 clicks → 22.5% CTR

243 clicks via Email vs 62 clicks on Facebook. The email CTR was a 5.7x improvement over Facebook’s. These results were not a one off occurrence, we saw them repeated time and time again. It is hard to break through the hype that entrepreneurs are presented with day in day out, as it seems there is always greener grass somewhere we are not. It is why you need to take a step back and look at the results of your efforts. Not just with social media, but all your active marketing channels. Ask yourself:

Is the time/money I am investing in _____ producing results that grow my business?

Leave a comment below on any surprises you have had when reviewing your own marketing efforts.

  • Rob

    Timely post Toby. For the past two weeks I have been deciding between whether to put my efforts into Twitter or Facebook. This has convinced to me to use data to make my decision and stop wasting my time.

    • Toby Schulz

      Glad you liked it John. Decisions are far easier when you have the data to back it up.

  • Jeff

    Interesting read. Asking yourself that question can save a whole lot of time. Also the video took me back…

    • Toby Schulz

      Old school hip hop music videos are awesome. Much better than what is produced these days. Thanks for reading Jeff.

  • Ryan L

    Is the time or money I am investing in …. producing results that grow my business?
    That is a great question, good post Toby.

    • Toby Schulz

      Thanks Ryan.