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    About Us

    Qingdao Forest Metal Products Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2010, Qingdao Forest is affiliated to Qingdao Jianxiang Group and is aslo a high-tech enterprise in Qingdao. 

    • 12Year

      The company was established in 2010

    • 300+

      Various types of processing equipment

    • 50+

      Company area

    • 20000+

      Factory and office area

    Tapered Sleeve Locking-type Rebar coupler
    Partial steel bar connection technology
    Engineering case
    Subways, tunnels
    Roads, bridges
    Nuclear power
    Civil Construction
    Luoyang Subway
    Luoyang subway is an urban rail transit system serving Luoyang City, Henan Province, China. Its first line started trial operation on December 1, 2020, and officially opened on March 28, 2021.
    Beijing Chaoyang Park Project
    Beijing Chaoyang Park Cross River Bridge The two river-crossing bridge reconstruction projects have transformed the two river-crossing bridges into top-loaded arch bridges through operations such as gravel, dredging, and building new pile foundations and bridge decks to increase the clearance under the bridges, so that the two bridges are capable of passing ships. ability. After the completion of the two bridges across the river, it will further enhance the effect of Liangma River's international style waterfront landscape, improve the road performance of Chaoyang Park and Maizidian Road, and effectively solve the problem of pedestrian crossing the street. Citizens can also enjoy the Ma River by boat and appreciate the history. Culture and fashion international fusion waterscape.
    The Macao Taipa Bridge
    Article 4 The construction cost of the Macau-Taipa Sea-Crossing Bridge is about 5.27 billion patacas, with a total construction period of 1,098 working days, and the project will be completed in January 2024. Article 4 The Macau-Taipa Sea-Crossing Bridge starts from the east side of the reclamation area A of Macau New Town, connects with the artificial island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge port, and goes to the reclamation area E1 of the Macau New Town. The main line of the bridge is about 3.1 kilometers long, of which the sea-crossing section is about 2.9 kilometers long. There are two navigation bridges with a span of 280 meters.
    Binzhou Bridge
    Binzhou Yellow River Bridge is the Yellow River Highway Bridge with the longest span in my country, with a total length of 17,600 meters, of which the bridge is 3,325 meters long and 21.5 meters wide. The roadway on the bridge deck is 9 meters wide, the sidewalks on both sides are 1.5 meters wide, and there is a fourth-level waterway under the bridge. The bridge body has 12 holes and 125 piers. The bridge is divided into two parts: the main bridge and the approach bridge. The north-south connection is 4.8 kilometers long.
    Humen Second Bridge
    Humen Second Bridge, now known as Nansha Bridge, is a sea-crossing bridge connecting Nansha District of Guangzhou City and Shatian Town of Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, China. After the Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, another world-class bridge project in the Pearl River Delta.
    Huangmaohai Cross-sea Bridge
    The Huangmaohai Cross-sea Passage starts from Gaolan Port District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, connects to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the east, connects Xintai Expressway to the west and intersects with the Western Coastal Expressway, and ends at Doushan Town, Taishan City, Jiangmen City. The total length of the route is about 31 kilometers. It adopts the standard of two-way 6-lane expressway, with a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour and a designed service life of 100 years. The approved construction period is 4 years, and it is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2024.
    JingTai Expressway Tuhai River Bridge
    The Tuhai River Bridge is a key node project of the reconstruction and expansion project of the Dezhou-Qihe section of the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway. The total length is 997 meters. The length of the long pile foundation is 110 meters, and the main bridge is formed by a single-box double-chamber corrugated steel web variable-section prestressed concrete continuous beam structure.
    Longtan Yangtze River Bridge
    Longtan Yangtze River Bridge is a river-crossing channel connecting Qixia District of Nanjing City and Yizheng City in Jiangsu Province, China. An important part of the highway is an important transportation facility for the integration of Nanjing, Zhenyang, and Nanjing. It plays an important role in promoting the integrated development across the river, promoting the construction of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration, accelerating the integration process of Ningzhenyang, and further enhancing the primacy of Nanjing.
    The Main Channel of Ningbo Port
    Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge
    The Shenzhong Link, also known as the "Shenzhong Bridge", is a bridge under construction connecting Shenzhen and Zhongshan in Guangdong Province, China. It starts from Hezhou Interchange in Bao'an District, Shenzhen in the east and ends at Hengmen Hub in Zhongshan City in the west, with a total length of 24 kilometers. , of which there is a 6.8-kilometer-long immersed tunnel; the design speed of the deep-medium tunnel is 100 kilometers per hour. It is an integral part of Shenzhen-Cenxi Expressway (National Expressway G2518) of China's national expressway network.
    Five Bridges of the Yangtze River
    Nanjing Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing, the project is called "Nanjing Yangtze River Meizizhou River Crossing Channel", also known as "Nanjing Yangtze River Fifth Bridge", is a bridge connecting Pukou District and Jianye District in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China The river crossing channel, located on the Yangtze River waterway, is an important part of the first ring of the expressway in Nanjing's "fastest road system", and it is also the world's first light-weight steel-concrete cable-stayed bridge.
    Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant
    The Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant is located in Qianxue Village, Sanshan Town, Fuqing City, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. The scale of the project is 6 million kilowatt-class pressurized water reactor nuclear power units. Fuqing million kilowatt power generating units are currently the nuclear power generating units with the highest degree of independence and localization in China, and their safety is very reliable.
    Gansu China Nuclear Technology Industral Park
    CNNC Gansu Technology Industrial Park is a requirement for the circular development of nuclear energy, and a concrete manifestation of feeding back and promoting Gansu's economic development. The construction of the project started in July 2015. The two parties cooperated closely, and the project construction progressed smoothly. The investment of 2.29 billion yuan has been completed. The project has driven local economic development. Various local expenses have been paid 145 million yuan, and 111 contracts have been signed with local enterprises, with a total amount of 409 million yuan. With the deepening of the project, the pulling effect on local economic and social invoices has become increasingly prominent.
    Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant
    Lake Kasumigaura Nuclear Power
    Reconstruction of the old SANLIHE village in Jiaozhou
    The Acropolis of Jiaozhou
    Chien Cheung Building, Jiaozhou