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Learn Selective Technology Use From The Amish

The Amish have an interesting approach to new technology. It is often misinterpreted by outsiders as they believe technology is evil. When in fact the approach is simply a selective use of technology. They evaluate whether a new piece of technology is going to improve their community and community values. If it cannot be demonstrated…Read More

How To Get Your Boss To Listen To You

Recently I was speaking with a friend who had invested hours (outside of work time) coming up with a significant time saving solution for one of his highly repetitive task. Upon bringing it to his managers attention he was met with great interest. However weeks and months went by without anything happening. His boss just…Read More

10 Email Marketing Mistakes Which Scare Off Your Customers

Email marketing is a topic which has been and will continue to be hammered on every blog across the web. I have had extensive experience running email marketing campaigns for our previous online retail store (MyNappies), where we learned plenty from our many, many mistakes. With that said, below I have compiled a list of…Read More

How To Find Stock Photos Which Don’t Make Your Eyes Bleed

I have always hated stock photos. I remember back in 2011 when I saw the post from the the hairpin about women laughing alone with salad. I felt relieved that what seemed to be a secret of crap which had perverted the internet forever was finally aired. There are so many examples of stock photo…Read More

An Entrepreneurs Guide To Competitive Advantage

Your product features will be copied. Your pricing strategy will be copied. Your hard work will be copied. Your nimble startup team will be copied. Your marketing copy will be copied. Anything that can be copied will be copied. This is an attempt at a practical guide to competitive advantage and how it can be…Read More

How To Create Content For Facebook (Infographic)

How To Zappos Your Customer Service

Every since Zappos made over the top customer service the cornerstone of their growth to $1 billion in revenue it has become a popular way to generate word of mouth growth. Who doesn’t like the idea of having their customers love them and want to rave about their service? I still have saved down from…Read More

When It Goes Wrong – Applying The 3 RRR’s

Photo of the 2010 BP Oil disaster from space. Largest marine oil spill in history. Try applying the 3 RRR’s to this. Stuff goes wrong… all the time! That is the nature of working with people and doing things which are difficult. However, when something does go wrong in a business there is tendency to…Read More

Alternative Suggestions On How To Find A Business Idea

Pictured above: Darryl Kerrigan is an ideas man – an iconic piece of Australia’s equally iconic movie industry. I have some friends who look at what Toby and I do and say “wow! I would love to be creating my own business too. But I don’t have any idea what I could possibly do…” Enter…Read More

How To Grow Your Ecommerce Blog

During the early days of MyNappies (our online baby retail store) we had a blog attached to our site but were unsure what approach to take with it. We Initially arrived on the idea to use it as SEO-based posts to drive visitors for keywords. This resulted in consistence traffic being driven to our site…Read More